15 Minute Back Pain Solution is an easy-to-read book that shows you how to eliminate back pain by doing simple self-treatments that work

No Drugs, No Surgery, No Office Visit

This easy-to-follow “how to” book isn’t here to replace your doctor, but it is here to show you that you can find and release the tension that ties you up in knots – literally!

You can benefit in just 15 minutes.  This is the back pain solution you have been waiting for.

You must begin if you want to start feeling better.

Join the many other clients who live happier lives now that they know these techniques that quickly ease joint and muscle pains.

15 minute back pain


stop low back pain fast

Learn about the different muscles of the lower back and how to treat them.

Recognizing that many individuals have pain in one area of the body only and they don’t want a book about the entire body, I decided a solution for these individuals would be to have separate books for each situation. 

The Stop Pain Fast! series was born.  Each book is a small subset of the techniques, while focusing on just one area of the body.



focus flexibility full body stretch

A unique total body system, blending Julstro treatments with functional yoga poses.

TriggerPoint Yoga/Focused Flexibility Training is a unique total body system.  Includes Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living, the book that is the basis for the Foundation DVD, a blend of the Julstro self-applied trigger point treatments with functional yoga poses. Guaranteed to relieve muscular tension, restore and lengthen tight, short muscles, and improve joint range of motion. This revolutionary DVD program pinpoints the areas where you typically hold stress and muscular tension preparing you to safely and effectively stretch. You will learn to manage your unique patterns of tension that limit movement and function…at any age & any lifestyle


best golf game ever

How to Increase Flexibility, Unlock Your Potential and Lower Your Score

Golfers frequently complain about low back pain, sore shoulders, lack of flexibility that limits their follow through, and stiff elbows.The Secret to Your Best Golf Game Ever explains why muscles are causing each of these conditions and shows you how to self–treat the source of the problem.

Photographed right on the golf course, the Julstro treatments can be done thoroughly at home, or as a spot–treatment when a pain is preventing you from enjoying your game.


lower back pain relief

Power-packed DVD to help you treat lower back

Julie Donnelly, developer of the Julstro™ Method, teaches you how to self-treat the muscles that cause pain in your low back and lower body. Self-treatment allows you to get relief when you need it, not when your doctor’s schedule allows. Once you learn the techniques in the system, you’ll be able toprevent pain from starting. This system saves you money by avoiding invasive surgery, costly therapy, braces, and harmful drugs.



back nobber







The Backnobber II

Don't you wish you could reach that certain spot on your back

This delivers accurate pressure right where you want it, and to your desired comfort level.

Be able to apply the pressure you want from slight movement of your wrist.

Lightweight and Durable high tech polymer composite



julstro perfect ball for pain reliefJulstro Perfect Ball
Julie Donnelly testing  therapy balls over the years,  found this perfect ball.

The Julstro Perfect Ball has a solid core of rubber with a thin outer layer of soft rubber.

The ball keeps it’s shape and is just the right size making it a perfect tool for your self treatment.