Help for a cyclist with bad posture

bad posture

I was talking to a good friend who is an ultracyclist and I noticed that when he’s just walking around normally he’s still bent forward at the waist.  I knew it was his posture. We’ve worked on the muscles that pull him into the aerodynamic position and he’s much better then he was before, but he’s still a bit “tilted.”

I had him push his butt forward and stand up straight and he could feel the tug of the iliopsoas on his low back. Gradually the muscle will lengthen, but if he stayed leaning forward as he had been, he would have continued to shorten the muscle all day long.

So, my hint is to look at yourself in a mirror…are you bent forward? If so, stand up straight even though it may hurt a bit and will feel “odd.”

While riding, whenever you think of it, deeply press the heel of your hand into your thigh and slide down toward your knee.

Have a great day,

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Sciatica Pain Relief


Are you looking for Sciatica Pain Relief

I meant to tell you that the same treatments I described to help hip pain will also work to help the sciatica pain relief.

If you're suffering from sciatica you know how widespread it can be. You can't lie flat, and you can't lie with your legs bent. You are in pain when you're standing, and you're in pain when you sit. You just don't know what to do, it's like a bad toothache, it hurts and you can't seem to find anyplace that is comfortable.

How to Effectively Stretch the Muscles of Your Lower Back

We have found that the psoas never gets stretched because the only way to stretch it is to keep your hips and legs completely straight and ONLY lean back at your waist. This is a very slight stretch; you aren’t looking to do a back-bend since you would need to move your pelvis and legs. While you will have discomfort along your lumbar vertebrae and possibly across the top of your posterior pelvis, only go to the point of a “feel good” stretch, not to the point of causing sharp pain. As soon as you feel the stretch go a tiny-bit further and then slowly stand up straight. Don’t hold yourself in the painful position. You will be able to go further each time you do it, and your back will feel better each time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this helps low back pain and sciatica pain.

Put the perfect ball where the back pocket of your pants is located, and sit or lie on the ball. The pressure helps release the piriformis muscle (which passes right over your sciatic nerve) and takes the strain off the muscle. Then, bring the ball close to the top of your thighbone and again apply pressure by lying down on the floor or leaning against a wall.

Wishing you well,

15 Minute Back Pain Solution

Your body is worth infinitely more than your car, yet most people know about their car then they do their own body. Consider this important fact : you can buy a new one when the old one breaks down, but the is not a replacement model for your body. The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution is like an owners manual for your body.


Julstro Perfect Ball for sciatica pain relief

Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

by Julie Donnelly – The Pain Relief Expert

Upper back pain between your shoulder blades is often caused by the position of your head while you are on the computer.

Fortunately with just a bit of direction and instruction you can release the tension in the muscles that pull you into that poor posture.

The problem is caused by your skull leaning forward, basically unsupported.

Sitting with your head pulled forward, as many people do when they are on their computer, puts a tremendous strain on your neck. The end result is your head, which weighs approximately 10-12 lbs, isn’t being supported at all, and the forward angle puts 42 lbs of pressure on your neck and upper back.


Upper back pain between shoulder blades caused by holding head forward while looking at the computer

As you can see from the graphic above, as your head is leaning forward your back muscles are needing to stretch.

Muscles in the front of your neck and chest are pulling your neck and shoulders forward. But the real problem comes from the muscles of your upper back, between your shoulder blades, and posterior neck putting pressure on your nerves and causing pain.

Your upper back muscles, and the muscles in the back of your neck, are being stretched, and they need to contract to prevent gravity from pulling your head down. Your muscles are having to strain to hold your head up, and eventually you’ll feel pain.

In effect, you have muscles contracting while forcefully lengthening both at the same time!

As you hold your head forward you are not only causing upper back pain and pain between your shoulder blades, but also you may experience serious headaches. The reason is you are putting pressure on your spinal cord right where it goes through your first vertebrae. You are also putting a strain on your spinal cord, and impinging on the nerves that go to your chest, upper back, and all the way down to your hand!

Upper back pain between shoulder blades causes millions of people to suffer every day.

If you are losing the quality of life because of pain in your upper back, between your shoulder blades, and neck, the self-treatments for the tight muscles are easy to do.  I suggest you look at the website and discover how you can stop pain FAST!

Wishing you well,

Julie Donnelly discusses upper back pain


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Tips Tuesday – Prevent Inner Knee Pain From Sitting

inner knee pain caused by popliteus muscle Have you ever stood up from sitting down and get a sharp inner knee pain? Or maybe you’ve been running, or cycling, and keeping your knee bent.

The muscle to look at is the popliteus.  (Go to #9 on graphic)

The popliteus muscle is nicknamed “The Key That Unlocks The Knee” because it must contract in order for you to bend your knee.  However, if you keep your knee bent for hours, the muscle shortens. When you then try to straighten your leg, the short muscle puts a strain on the bones and you feel like a knife has been stuck into the middle of your knee joint.


Today’s tip is to straighten your leg frequently while you are sitting so the muscle and joint doesn’t get the opportunity to stiffen.

If you’ve been playing a sport and you get the sharp inner knee pain, you can also press your fingertips into the back of your knee and feel for a “hot spot.”  That tender point is the spasm in the muscle.  Just hold the pressure for a 30 seconds, and then straighten your leg.


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Upper Back Pain Cause and Treatment

By Julie Donnelly – The Pain Relief Expert

Upper Back Pain Caused by Muscles

upper back pain cause - spine tension

Do you have burning between your shoulder blades?

Does your upper body ache, especially when you’ve been sitting at your computer for hours?

The muscles that cause upper back pain are both in your upper back AND in the front of your neck!




I was sitting having lunch and saw a woman who was obviously in agony, rubbing her upper back and squirming around in her chair.  Like so many other people in the world, I first thought that I shouldn’t get involved, it was none of my business.  But as I watched her, and read her mind as she was in pain, I decided “this IS my business….I can help her!”  So, I went over, introduced myself, and we started to talk.

She told me that she works on a computer and sometimes the burning and pain in her upper back will get so bad she has to stop working.  She was thrilled when she found the SOURCE of her pain!

It’s totally overlooked when you go to a professional to find a solution to upper back pain, yet this problem it is so common that this treatment needs to be spread far and wide!

Why a muscles in the FRONT of your neck causes upper back pain

The vertebrae and nerves of your upper back are impacted by muscles such as your scalenes (in the front of your neck).  As these muscles shorten due to spasms, they are impinging on nerves and are pulling on your vertebrae, which will cause pain in the bones and muscles of your upper back.

Your scalenes cross over a bundle of nerves called the brachial plexus. One of the end-points for these nerves is your rhomboids muscles – in the center of your upper back. When your scalenes are in spasm they impinge on the nerve and this is the cause of the burning between your shoulder blades!

This is also one of the causes of hand/wrist pain and numbness, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treating a muscle that causes upper back pain and burning

upper back pain cause and treatment - treating scalenes Treating the scalenes can be a bit tricky, and a bit shocking. Look at the picture on the left and see where the woman is pressing into her neck. The scalenes point that you are searching for is straight down from your ear, and just above and slightly behind, your collar bone.

Press gently, if they are in spasm you will feel a burning pain. The pain may go between your shoulder blades; into your chest; under your armpit, across your shoulder, and all the way down to your hand.


Hold it for 15 seconds, only pressing enough so it is “annoying,” but not truly painful. Then keep increasing the pressure every 15 seconds until it no longer is hurting. This could take up to 5 minutes if the muscle is in serious spasm.

The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution is a compilation of many specific treatments for each muscle that causes back pain. You’ll be surprised at how far some of the spasms are from the point of pain, and you’ll pleased to learn how easy it is to resolve the issue.

Upper back pain, and burning between your shoulder blades doesn’t have to prevent you from living a pain-free life – all you need is a bit of knowledge and some focused attention.

Please share this blog, you’ll make someone who is in pain have a better day!

Wishing you well,

Julie Donnelly discusses a cause and treatment for upper back pain