15 Minute Back Pain Solution

Why Read The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution?

15 minute back pain solution

This easy-to-follow "how to" book isn't here to replace your doctor,but it is here to show you that you can find and release the tension that ties you up in knots - LITERALLY!    

The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution uses the Julstro Method.

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Here what a professional surgeon says.....

15 minute back pain solution julie_zevDoctors look at the symptoms and not the cause! Physicians aren't taught to look at muscles as a cause of joint pain.

This information changed my entire medical practice - it will change your life!

Zev M. Cohen, MD

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Discover the Secret of Why Muscles Cause Pain.

I’m constantly hearing people say to me: “I’ve been doing this movement all my life. It never hurt before. I must be getting old.” Baloney! You are not getting old. I use an analogy that explains exactly what is happening to your muscles.

Why muscles cause pain
Repetitive sprain injury
Knots, Trigger Points, Joint Pain, and Stretching

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Julie Donnelly

    Julie Donnelly

The Back pain, Muscle Connection And What You Can Do At Home,

bulging disk treatment, and treatments for a herniated disk or vertebrae out of alignment, are all muscle tension problems that are solved by releasing muscle spasms


Most Back Pain is caused by tight muscles or trigger points pinching sensitive nerves. However, you SHOULD see your doctor to rule out other causes of back pain